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Natural Start Wellness Birthing was motivated by a belief that birth is a beautiful, natural process, which is an exhilarating time for a family.  It should be enjoyed, and not feared. Whether you choose to deliver at home, in a hospital, or in a birthing center, I want you to be happy with your experience. Own the process and be proud of yourself. My goal for Natural Start Wellness Birthing is to provide support for families, who are beginning the new chapter of parenthood.


Through my Doula services, I want to offer information and options to women and families who are looking to have a wonderful birth experience, which are always obtainable, as well as assure support postpartum. I also want to present information on natural ways to improve daily routines. I hope to bring back the normalization of pregnancy and birth, as well as everyday life.  


Why Choose to have a Doula?

The word 'Doula' comes from the greek word, woman's servant. Ultimately, during labour and birth, this is what we do. My goal is to make you, a labouring woman as comfortable, and as informed as possible. I want you to walk away from your labour and birth and feel empowered and amazing. There is statistical proof on the benefits of hiring a Doula for labour and birth. Labour and Birth Doula's also help with pregnancy concerns, fears, and questions. As your family Doula we set up pre natal appointments where we will discuss birth plans and any relative questions. I am available when needed simply with a phone call or text.

Postpartum is also an overwhelming time in a new Mom's life. I am there to support in non medical advice, breastfeeding support, and overall wellness.

How mothers rated their birth experience with or without a Doula: 
Rated birth experience as good: 
With Doula: 82.5%
Without Doula: 67.4% 
Felt they coped well with labour:
With Doula: 46.8%
Without Doula: 28.3% 
Felt labour had a positive effect on them as woman:
With Doula: 58.0%
Without Doula: 43.7% 
Perceived their bodies as strong:
With Doula: 58.0%
Without Doula: 41.0%

Source: Gordon, Walton, McAdams, Derman, Galliterno, & Garrett, California 1998. "Obstetrics & Gynecology 93. no.3 (1999): 422-26

Results of questionnaire at 6 weeks postpartum: 
Exclusively Breastfeeding:
With Doula: 51.4%
Without Doula: 29.3% 
On food other than milk:
With Doula: 17.6%
Without Doula: 53.3% 
Has had feeding problems:
With Doula: 16.2%
Without Doula: 62.7% 
Feeding on a flexible schedule:
With Doula: 81.1%
Without Doula: 46.7%

Source: Hofmeyr, Nikodem, Wolman, Chalmers, and Kramer,1991, South Africa. "British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology "98 (1991): 756- 764

Doula's for Partners

Having a Doula at your labour and birth is not only amazing for the woman in labour, but also for the partner at the birth. Labours can progress over extended amounts of time and support is needed for both parties. I want to empower partners by providing them with comfort techniques that will help labouring mothers, as well as encourage them to offer the right emotional support.

Why I believe a good birthing experience is important ...
For Yourself

Giving birth in a way where you feel happy and successful will remain with you for the rest of your life.” When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter.”- Ina May Gaskin

For your family
For Future Pregnancies

Having a positive birth experience leads to a happier Mom. If you fall victim to a waterfall of interventions, recovery could be hard physically and emotionally. If you feel accomplished after delivery, emotionally you will find yourself in a better place postpartum. 

When we fear labour and delivery, adrenaline increases within our bodies. Ultimately this slows labour. If we have had a positive birthing experience previously, or have heard wonderful experience people close to us have had, we will generally feel calmer and labour will progress at a steady, natural rate. 

Professional Information:

I am not medically certified and cannot perform clinical tasks such as, but not limited too, blood work, blood pressure, fetal heart monitoring, vaginal checks, etc.  I cannot make medical decisions on your behalf, and cannot speak to hospital staff or midwives on your behalf. 


I will help keep you and your birth plan on track.  I will provide the emotional and physical support you need. I will get the information you need to make informed decisions, and I will discuss concerns with you and offer suggestions and explanations. But it is ultimately you and your partner’s responsibility to make all final decisions. 



I am trained, and fully certified as a Labour and Birth Doula, through Doula Canada (formally HALO). I am certified in Level 1 Breastfeeding Support through the World Heath Organization (WHO). I have formal training in pregnancy henna and belly casting. I am trained in infant and pregnancy loss, as well as reflexology. 

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