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Doula Hours

On-Call at all Times

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9am-6pm


Prenatal, Labour & Delivery, and Postpartum Support


Package Includes:

- Complimentary consult. 

- 2 prenatal appointments set by you, wherever you feel comfortable. Usually I will come to your house, and meet with both partners involved.

- Emotional support and guidance via email or cell phone, as many times as needed before birth, with the understanding that I will get back to you as soon as I can, guaranteed within 48 hours. 

- During pregnancy- you have access to my lending library for any books that spark your interest.

- We will work together on your customized birth plan, and wishes. 

- Two weeks before your estimate due date, my on call will shift to 24/7 assistance.  Whether that’s phone calls, text messages or emails. 

- During labour and delivery, as your family Doula, I will be with you for as long as needed. If we go past 24+ hours together, and I feel for safety reasons I am over my limit with lack of sleep, I will likely call in my backup, someone who you will have previously met and agreed too.  

- During labour- you have access to a variety of comfort measures, including, but not limited too a TENS machine, Rebozo, massage balls, and oils. I will take pictures for you if you would like, as well as I provide a birth story for your benefit post partum. 

- I will stay with you for 30 to 60 minutes after delivery, and as long as everything is okay, it is important for your bonding time, and rest, that I depart after that. I will follow up within 12 hours, and I continue to be reachable 24/7 for you for the week following delivery. 

- We will schedule 1 postpartum visit, usually 2-4 days after delivery. If you need me for an additional visit postpartum, I am available free of charge. 

- I will remain accessible to you three weeks after delivery, again with the understanding that I will get back to you as soon as possible, but guaranteed within 48 hours. 


Free Consultation 

It is important that we meet at a location you're comfortable with in order to make sure our personalities click. I think it's very important that you interview a couple Doulas’ before making any decisions. You are welcoming a person into a very special time in your life. 


Phone & Email Support 

Emotional support and guidance via email or cell phone, as many times as needed before birth, with the understanding that I will get back to you as soon as I can, guaranteed within 44 hours. 


Prenatal Visits 

We will schedule prenatal visits (pending your package choice) before your expected due date. We will work on birth plans, comfort measures as well as birth wishes, and goals. 


During labor 

I will be "on call" for you 24/7 pre-birth for the 2 weeks leading up to your estimated due date. This includes labour related concerns, or anything else that may come up with pregnancy. If you believe you are in labour we will arrange to meet at your preferred location and go from there. I will remain by your side throughout labour and birth.


Baby’s first feeding Support 

I will stay by your side for approximately an hour after birth, until you are comfortable and feeling like you need quiet family time. During this window we can work on breastfeeding, if that is the route you are choosing.


Postpartum follow-up visit 

We will schedule a post partum follow up visit. This will take place 2-4 days after delivery. During this time we can chat about emotion and physical wellness, as well as any concerns or questions that may come up. More appointments, prenatal or postnatal are available if needed.


Postpartum Support

Package Includes:

- Complimentary consult.

- Support for three weeks after delivery, including mental and emotional wellness via phone and email, with the understanding that I will get back as soon as possible, but guaranteed within 48 hours. 

- We will plan two postpartum visits to work on breastfeeding support. 

- Access to my lending library with books and resources. 


Henna is a beautiful way to bless the pregnant belly. With different designs to choose from, and natural home mixed henna you can be confident with what is going on your skin. A full belly design is $110 with smaller designs on the belly range from $45-$55. Lavender oil is present in henna.

Belly Casting

Belly casting is truly one of the best ways to remember your belly. You can do a 20 week cast, then a 30 week cast, then a 40 week cast. Wall mounts, or made into beautiful bowls, or pieces of art for pictures. Full belly (not including breasts) is $90. Belly and breasts $120. To have your cast sanded and finished, $150. The best time to do a belly cast is around 35-36 weeks, before Mama is super uncomfortable to sit for a while.

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